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What is the structure of the fiber?

2018-12-11 233

    The optical fiber is an abbreviation for optical fiber (OF: Optical Fiber). However, Optical Fibe (optical fiber) is often simplified to Fiber in optical communication systems, such as Fiber Amplifier or Fiber Backbone. Some people have overlooked the meaning of Fiber, but in the optical system it refers to fiber. Therefore, in some light product descriptions, it is obviously not advisable to translate the fiber into "fiber".

 Optical fiber actually refers to a core made of a transparent material and a material having a slightly lower refractive index than the core around it.

    The prepared cladding is covered, and the optical signal incident on the core is reflected by the cladding interface to cause the optical signal to propagate through the core.

    There are many types of optical fibers, and the functions and performance required vary depending on the application. However, for the optical fiber for cable television and communication, the principles of design and manufacture are basically the same, such as: 1 loss is small; 2 has a certain bandwidth and small dispersion; 3 is easy to wire; 4 is easy to integrate; 5 is highly reliable; Simple; 7 cheap and so on.

    The classification of optical fibers is mainly based on the working wavelength, refractive index distribution, transmission mode, raw materials and manufacturing methods.