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Optical cable chromatography

2018-12-11 208

Cable chromatography: blue, orange, green, brown, white, red, black, yellow, purple, pink, water green.

GYTA single mode cable

The structure of the GYTA cable is to insert a 250 μm fiber into a loose tube made of a high modulus material, and the loose tube is filled with a waterproof compound. The center of the core is a metal reinforced core. For some cores, a layer of polyethylene (PE) is required to be extruded outside the metal reinforced core. The loose tube (and the filling rope) is twisted around the center reinforcing core into a compact and round core, and the gap in the core is filled with a water blocking filler. The plastic coated aluminum strip (APL) is longitudinally wrapped and extruded into a polyethylene sheath to form a cable.

8, 12 representatives are 8-core and 12-core

B1 represents the G.652 class which is a conventional single mode fiber.

The communication fiber is divided into six major categories and several subclasses of G.651, G.652, G.653, G.654, G.655 and G.656.

(1) Class G.651 is a multimode fiber. IEC and GB/T are further subdivided into four subclasses A1a, A1b, A1c and A1d according to their core diameter, cladding diameter and numerical aperture parameters.

(2) The G.652 class is a conventional single-mode fiber. It is currently divided into four sub-categories: G.652A, G.652B, G.652C, and G.652D. IEC and GB/T named G.652C as B1.3. The rest is named B1.1

(3) G.653 fiber is a dispersion-shifted single-mode fiber. IEC and GB/T classify G.653 fiber as B2 fiber.

(4) G.654 fiber is a cut-off wavelength-shifted single-mode fiber, also known as the best performance fiber of 1550nm. IEC and GB/T classify G.654 fiber as B1.2 fiber.

(5) G.655 fiber is a non-zero-color dispersion-shifted single-mode fiber. It is currently divided into three sub-classes: G.655A, G.655B, and G.655C. IEC and GB/T classify G.655 fiber as B4. Fiber-like.