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ASP-150. Multipurpose Spectrometer

● Tunable grating model ASP-150T
● High resolution down to 0.017 nm nm
● Flexible configuration
● USB interface with PC software, USB powered
● Free-space and fiber input (SMA or FC)
● Sync in/out

    The ASP-150C spectrometer is an ideal choice for a wide variety of different optical applications with its flexible tuning and high resolution. There is always a place for the ASP-150C on the optical table due to its small size, functionality and friendly interface.

    The ASP-150T model is able to carry out measurements in a wider spectral range without any losses in resolution, owing to a special tunable mechanism.

    All models have a special fiber input with a spectral slit, the size of which is conditioned with the detector. It allows measurement of either free-space or fiber signals without any realignment. However, it is not recommended to use fiber to measure spectrum of a femtosecond laser due to signal modulation and subsequent spectrum distortion.



(1) - the necessary grating type, and hence the width and the central wavelength of the instantaneously registered range (aka registration window) inside the full possible range of the CCD detector should be specified when sending the request. The ASP-150C model has the chosen grating and its position fixed at factory, while the ASP-150T model has the possibility to adjust the position of the registration window via microscrew rotation, thus covering full possible range with the highest resolution;
(2) - each spectrometer is equipped with a fiber socket and allows measurement of either free-space or fiber signals without any realignment;
(3) - sensitivity given at the wavelength of 550 nm;
(4) - the Hamamatsu arrays provide for sensitivity control via special driving signal, that can set either low (values in brackets) or high sensitivity mode;
(5) - the property of the CCD to prevent the charge flow from the neighboring overexposed pixels;
* - values given for the Toshiba 1304DG CCD array.