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MM Pump Laser Protector

● Low Insertion Loss
● High Power Handling 
● High Isolation
● Low Cost
● High Reliability
● Excellent Temperature Stability

    The Pump Laser Protector, also called Pump Protection Filter, is a passive component which allows maximum transmission from a discrete fibre-coupled pump laser diode and blocks par asitic signals around the centre wavelength of the laser from being reflected back into the laser. Depending on the fiber type of laser diode, we have SM Pump Laser Protector, PM Pump Laser Protector, MM Pump Laser Protector. They can work for 1.0μm fiber laser and 1.5μm fiber laser.

    If you do not see a standard Pump Laser Protector that meets your needs, we welcome the opportunity to review your desired specification and quote a custom isolator. Requests for custom fiber pigtails, different wavelengths and handling power of operation or other specific needs will be readily addressed.捕获4.PNG

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